Shanny Lott

I remember my first box of Crayons. I opened the box and saw all of those perfect points of color and smelled that waxy smell and thought, “God, I wish I could just eat all of these Crayons.” I really understand why children do that, (eat Crayons)…it makes perfect sense to me. Art is about the deliciousness of color and light and how it feeds the soul.

I attended the University of Texas the first time in the 60’s and studied sculpture under Charles Umlauf. He was a fabulous teacher and an exciting presence to be around. My painting teachers were less than enthusiastic about my abilities, so I just assumed that I was not a painter. Now, in the sixties, those times being what they were, I became somewhat distracted and it was not until 1989 that I found myself back at UT, once more pursuing that Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the Sculpture Department once again. Older, wiser, and much less energetic, I became aware of how labor-intensive sculpture actually is. I was afraid to go upstairs and paint, because they already knew I couldn’t do that from my first go-around. I still had a painting requirement for graduation and I wanted that degree, so up the stairs I went. I found a kinder, gentler world in the painting department, and basically just never went back downstairs. I got my BFA from UT on May 19, 1990, my birthday. That degree is the greatest gift I ever gave myself.

I began to paint in earnest in 1992. My paintings have been shipped all over the country; from Boulder City, Nevada to Littleton, Colorado, Malibu, California, and Destin, Florida. They hang in the homes of friends, family, and strangers. The greatest joy for me is to get to meet the people who buy my work. It is such fun to discover what connection we have, and we always do. My work brings me together with my worldly kin. How much fun to meet my unknown tribesmen.

In the Art Department at the University of Texas, it has been said, “The painters are closer to God”. Maybe that is because the painters are on the top floor, I don’t know. I do know that my paintings have brought me closer to God, the truth about all things and the earthly angels who appreciate fine art, and for that I am grateful.